NFT Fighters

NFT Fighters

Cross-NFT Gaming Unleashed

NFT Fighters is a Cross-NFT Collectible Card Game (CCG) currently in development on the Cardano blockchain. Unlike other NFT games, NFT Fighters lets players use collectable NFTs minted from other projects, even those unrelated to gaming.

Here's how it works: New players create an account, sync their wallet, and the game automatically checks for any compatible NFT projects. Cards are automatically created based on NFT images and rarity of traits (rare traits = high stats, common traits = low stats.) Players can mix and match NFT projects to build card decks and develop a wide variety of strategies to win card battles.

Players can also win rewards through ranked play and tournaments. NFT Fighters will continuously build collaborations and onboard additional NFT projects. Which NFT projects get added depends largely on feedback from the community, so please contact us and let us know which NFTs you think we should include. Check back often for updates and furthers details!


NFT Fighters - "There was an idea..."

NFT Fighters Early Sneak-Peak

Happy New Year! from NFT Fighters

NFT Fighters lead developer presented at Project Catalyst's Idea Fest for Fund 7. The presentation covered an overview Cross-NFT Gaming, the plan of NFT Fighters, and answered questions from the audience.

Gingerbread Fighters is currently in development and serves as a test bed and proof of concept for NFT Fighters. This video demonstrates basic gameplay. NFT Fighters will integrate a large number of other NFT projects, allowing players to use the NFTs they already own to play and earn within the game.


Phase 1:

  • Launch Website, Discord, and Twitter
  • White Paper
  • Build collaborations and onboard the first 5 CNFT projects (engage project communities, develop custom art, determine trait mappings to card attributes)
  • Public Beta 1 (WebGL)

Phase 2:

  • Add 5 more CNFT projects (increasing total to 10)
  • Add multiplayer capability
  • Establish player rating system & leader board
  • Public Beta 2 (WebGL + Android)

Phase 3:

  • Add 10 more CNFT projects (increasing total to 20)
  • Develop In-game economy and play to earn
  • Card Rental Marketplace
  • Tournaments
  • Public Beta 3 (WebGL + Android + iOS)

Phase 4:

  • Cross-chain compatibility with non-Cardano NFTs
  • Campaign Mode
  • Public Release (WebGL + Android + iOS)


Prodiga (Lead Dev)

A Unity developer, 3D artist, and project manager with 12 years of experience creating educational games.
- "I love making games and playing them. I've dabbled in crypto since 2018 but just started developing with Cardano this year. I see such a bright future and am enthused to be bridging the gap between current tech and sci-fi stuff like Ready Player One."

Kinetic_pixels (Art)

A multidisciplinary designer with over 13 years of professional experience in Branding/Identity and Website/Application/Digital Experience design.
- "I'm a Crypto newbie...only started investing in early 2021 which is also when I found Cardano and fell in love with the underlying principles, global mission, and the methodical approach to creating a solution with lasting impact."

Tanatos (Backend Dev)

A dev that loves everything related to web development, from the back-end to the front-end. Has been using web technologies professionally on a daily basis for the past 12 years, and has been really enjoying himself doing so.
- "I got involved in Cardano this year, but thus far I love everything I'm seeing, that's why I decided to get involved in a bigger capacity than just an investor."

Fenam (Community/Partnerships)

Lead mod from the Gingerbread NFT community.
- "I am a crypto and human community-based investor. I believe in improving humankind and closing income inequality gaps. My experience is 33 years of being a human and many of them towards the benefit of all of us hopefully."

Burgle (Sound)

Sound FX production audio/synth. DJ/Producer for 15 years.
- "I've been into various styles of underground club music over the years, gamer all my life. Big cardano fan love the way it lets me participate in this crypto world."

Dyer (Image/Marketing)

- "I have a legal background with studies in digital marketing and public administration. Got into crypto because I believe decentralization will be the socio-cultural movement of this generation. True believer of cross-project gaming and a very bad MTG player."

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